Luis Llenza Landscape Design Process

Luis meets on site with each client to evaluate the existing landscape and discuss ideas for new garden areas. A detailed check list helps clients identify the features most important to them, including how the outdoor areas will be used, special places for pets or children, need for privacy and shade, and desire for a pool or water feature. The client's budget and timeline further define the scope of the project and enable Luis to prepare the cost quotation for a custom Landscape Design.

Following acceptance of the proposal, Luis prepares a scale drawing of the new garden areas. This illustration identifies all new plantings, as well as existing trees and plants which will remain in place or be relocated within the yard. Hardscape areas, such as driveways, walkways and patios, are documented.

Luis prepares a recommended plant and materials list required for the Landscape Design plan. This document can be used by the client to obtain cost estimates for purchase and installation of organic and hardscape materials.

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